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Nikki Beach in Dade County
By Nicholas Jurkowski

Dade County is home to Miami and, more importantly, South Beach (the Mecca of hedonistic nightlife). Because of this, it is only right that the featured locale of Dade County be a shining example of this famous nightlife. The problem is choosing. With so many fantastic bars, nightclubs, and restaurants, which one do you pick? At the risk of offending some of the true nightclub connoisseurs, I have to say that Nikki Beach is a place you have to go, at least once.

While Nikki Beach is quite literally a beach, it is also a club day and night: the lithe sylphs of Miami sun themselves on all manner of cushions, and beds, getting up only to dance with the sculpted Adonises (many of whom probably aren't actually all that interested in women) and young professionals sip expensive fruity drinks while deciding whether to get beef carpaccio or tuna sashimi. It is truly Miami at its most Miami-esque.

While not terribly difficult to get into, Nikki Beach still poses some of the problems that most other Miami Nightclubs have (for instance, surly bouncers who let in scantily clad women but no one else). Sure, you can get onto the VIP list, but it will cost you an arm and a leg, or maybe a collection of limbs. If you want to do Nikki Beach right, and look like a VIP in the process, rent a limousine (from Millenium Limo, naturally) and make a big entrance.

It's best to get on the guest list before-hand (if you didn't, and you are not a pretty-young-thing, enlist the help of a pretty-young-thing). Getting food is always a bit iffy - the fact that everything is outside and more than a little haphazard means, regrettably, the service suffers, but, nonetheless, the food is excellent. The Sunday brunch beach party runs from Sunday morning till 11 o'clock at night, leaving you to take your pick of the time of day: there will always be revelers.

As hard as it is to pick one featured Dade County destination, Nikki Beach has got to be mentioned – there is simply nothing that encapsulates all of Miami Beach better. The only thing better than Nikki Beach is Nikki Beach in a Millenium Limo: the luxury of the limousine matches the upscale excitement of the beach perfectly. After all, you need to get a ride to other nightclubs after Nikki Beach closes.

Nick Jurkowski is a senior editor for MilleniumLimo.com: the essays above can be found on his night life blog, updated daily and available via RSS, at The Urban Adventure Blog.

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